Tulsa Remote

Tulsa Remote’s Response to COVID-19

Tulsa Remote is a unique recruitment initiative aimed at attracting talented individuals to Tulsa. The program brings Tulsa Remote is a unique recruitment initiative aimed at attracting talented individuals to Tulsa. The program brings remote workers and digital nomads to the community by providing $10,000 grants and numerous community-building opportunities.

Tulsa Remote continues to closely monitor the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In an ever-evolving situation, our top priority remains the health, safety, and well-being of you, our participants, and our community. Here are a few guiding principles we have tried to keep close as our team makes decisions:

  • It is our responsibility to ensure Tulsa Remote events are as safe as possible.
  • We will make sound decisions, driven by data.
  • We value inclusivity and understand the importance of community to bring the Tulsa Remote experience to life.

In that spirit, we are taking decisive, informed action to limit the spread of COVID-19 by following CDC and Tulsa County Health Department recommendations while continuing our program in a safe manner.

Tulsa Remote is actively accepting applications and welcoming new Members to Tulsa.


1. How is COVID-19 impacting the activities of Tulsa Remote?

Tulsa Remote is following the guidelines of the CDC and the Tulsa County Health Department. In August 2022, Tulsa Remote released this event policy based on the local spread trends.

2. How do you build community while still being safe during this time?

Tulsa Remote has a responsibility to provide safe environments for members to gather together and build community, our hope being that members fall in love with Tulsa and choose to make it their home. We understand that our policies will not align with every individual in our program’s specific needs and preferences. Our hope is that by offering a variety of solutions, we’ll engage with all of our members in some capacity while in the program. If that’s not possible, we still encourage members to explore all that Tulsa has to offer in a manner that is comfortable and safe for them.

Tulsa Remote curates a weekly newsletter of upcoming local in-person and virtual events and opportunities to get involved. Additionally, we host a Slack channel for Tulsa Remote participants as a way to connect, network, and socialize. As part of your membership to 36°N, you’ll also have access to the more than 400 events they offer each year. 

3. Do people who move to Tulsa during the pandemic have a positive experience?

Yes! In fact, more than 1,800 people have moved to Tulsa through the Tulsa Remote program since March 2020. Hear from a few participants who shared their thoughts about moving during a pandemic: 

“Folks in the community have been very open and accepting as well, so you will find folks to do stuff with here.” Steve 

“The people I’ve connected within our community so far couldn’t have been more friendly and welcoming. And isn’t it all part of the big adventure overall?” Karen 

“When I’m feeling boxed in, a walk around the 400+ acres at The Gathering Place helps. If I can get there early in the morning before the heat! I’ve settled into a wonderful neighborhood just outside of downtown, and my neighbors have been really welcoming, as have the TR community. That said, I’m looking for more ways to create connections. You have to work at it a bit more with COVID but I think it can be done!” Julie 

4. Are in-person visits to Tulsa still an option during the pandemic?

Visits have evolved as we continually assess the pandemic. Once accepted into the program, applicants have the choice between taking a Self-Guided Visit or a Hosted Visit to Tulsa. Travel expenses of up to $500 are reimbursed for either visit type. For anyone not comfortable with travel, we also provide the option of a Virtual Guided Visit.

5. I have been invited to visit and/or join the program. Can I delay my initial visit and/or my overall move to Tulsa?

Your health and safety are our number one concern, and we are happy to accommodate the schedule and plans that are most convenient and comfortable for you. Once you’ve been accepted to the program, you are required to relocate within 12 months. If you’re looking to defer your visit and/or relocation for more than six months after your acceptance, please reach out to [email protected]

Tulsa Remote has welcomed over 2,000 Members to Tulsa. Apply now and join this growing community!