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Tulsa Remote has welcomed over 2,500 Members to Tulsa. Apply now and join this growing community!

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To be considered for the Tulsa Remote program, we ask that applicants meet all four eligibility requirements: You can move to Tulsa within the next 12 months. You have full-time remote employment or are self-employed outside of Oklahoma. You are 18+ years old. You are eligible to work in the United States


Can Move to Tulsa Within the Next 12 Months


Full-Time Remote Employment
or are Self-Employed Outside of Oklahoma


18+ Years Old


Eligible to Work in the United States

Selection Process

Less like a job interview, more like a first date. We're confident you'll fall in love but want to make sure we're looking for the same things. We'll chat online and then meet in person to see if we're a match.

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Tulsa Remote has welcomed over 2,500 Members to Tulsa. Apply now and join this growing community!

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The benefits of moving to Tulsa don't end here, but it's a great way to start. From cash and housing, to office space and community, we've got you covered.

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We know remote arrangements take planning. We'll give you some money to help with relocation expenses, a monthly stipend to keep things moving and the rest when you've finished the first year.

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Need some desk space to get things done? 36 Degrees North, a dynamic coworking space in Downtown Tulsa, provides a place to get work done and collaborate with other local entrepreneurs and remote workers.

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Tulsa has a great cost of living, and likely cheaper housing than where you currently live. To make your move easier we've curated the best local apartments, centered around our thriving remote community at the heart of Tulsa. There are even a few Tulsa Remote specials.

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We've designed community building programming, events and meetups to help you engage with the organizations, local nonprofits and individuals that are working to make Tulsa the best it can be.

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George Kaiser Family Foundation
Why we're doing this:
We created Tulsa Remote to enhance Tulsa's talented and successful workforce community by bringing diverse, bright and driven individuals to the city for community building, collaboration and networking.
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Oklahoma State

Life in Tulsa

Tight-knit community meets a population large enough to support world-class music and theatre, sports venues and one of the most impressive park systems in the country, including the recently opened $465 million Gathering Place.

/ Tulsa Tough / Pride Parade / Tulsa Raft Race / Oktoberfest / Juneteenth

With festivals, races and celebrations happening throughout the year, you'll struggle to find a weekend with nothing to do. Better binge watch your favorite shows before you get here.

/ Burn Co BBQ / Lone Wolf / Amelia's / Oren / Andolini's / The Tropical

Nationally-recognized restaurants meet local Tulsa flair. With incredibly diverse cuisine, you can't find food this delicious, at prices this affordable, anywhere else.

Hang Out
/ Arts District / Blue Dome / Cherry Street / East Village / Kendall Whittier

Tulsa's 30+ entertainment and residential districts offer diverse landscapes and inclusive communities for you to find the perfect place for inspiration.

/ Vintage Wine Bar / Valkyrie / St Vitus / Hodges Bend / Saturn Room

From tiki lounges to speakeasies and hole-in-the-wall neighborhood bars, there's no shortage of places to grab a drink or celebrate with friends... or make new friends.

/ Philbrook Museum / 108 Contemporary / Woody Guthrie Center / Gilcrease Museum / First Friday Art Crawl

Explore Philbrook and its formal gardens, get lost in one of the world's largest collections of Native American and Western art at Gilcrease, or stroll through multiple galleries during Tulsa's free monthly Art Crawl in the Arts District.

/ Cain's Ballroom / Duet Jazz Club / BOK Center

From the historic Cain's Ballroom and Brady Theater, to the award-winning BOK Center and up-and-coming Duet Jazz Club, Tulsa's music scene continues to be a thriving component of its unique culture.

/ Cabin Boys Brewery / Fair Fellow Coffee / Marshall Brewing Company / Heirloom Rustic Ales / Cirque Coffee Roasters / Welltown Brewing

With internationally recognized coffee roasters and breweries, there's always a place to refuel. Grab your laptop and take a break with dozens of choices around town.

/ Turkey Mountain / River Parks / Botanic Garden / Woodward Park

With hundreds of acres of wilderness areas, urban parks and greenspaces, Tulsa offers countless opportunities to get outside, get some fresh air and explore.

/ Flash Flood Studios / Fab Lab / Tulsa Artist Fellowship

Creatives mold the vibrant culture in Tulsa. With community workshops, art showings, local fabrication spaces and unique shops, the opportunities to express yourself are endless.

/ Gathering Place

Gathering Place, Tulsa's 66-acre riverfront park, offers out-of-this-world play structures (plus bar and lounge space for those of us too big for the banana slide).

Looking for more events and activities in Tulsa? Check out our friends at Root Tulsa!

Root Tulsa

Here's how Tulsa's cost of living compares to other major cities:

Compared to:
San Francisco, CA New York, NY Los Angeles, CA Washington DC Seattle, WA Boston, MA Denver, CO Portland, OR San Diego, CA Chicago, IL Austin, TX
Renting Buying
Lower Cost
of Living
Food, housing, transport, healthcare, etc.
Monthly Rent
2 BR Avg. Rent - $658 Tulsa vs. $3,519 SF
2 BR Avg. Rent - $658 Tulsa vs. $4,088 New York
2 BR Avg. Rent - $658 Tulsa vs. $2,449 LA
2 BR Avg. Rent - $658 Tulsa vs. $2,111 DC
2 BR Avg. Rent - $658 Tulsa vs. $2,069 Seattle
2 BR Avg. Rent - $658 Tulsa vs. $2,669 Boston
2 BR Avg. Rent - $658 Tulsa vs. $1,475 Denver
2 BR Avg. Rent - $658 Tulsa vs. $2,415 Portland
2 BR Avg. Rent - $658 Tulsa vs. $2,248 San Diego
2 BR Avg. Rent - $658 Tulsa vs. $1,500 Chicago
2 BR Avg. Rent - $658 Tulsa vs. $1,184 Austin
Lower Real
Estate Prices
Median Home Price - $157K Tulsa vs. $917K SF
Median Home Price - $157K Tulsa vs. $390K New York
Median Home Price - $157K Tulsa vs. $546K LA
Median Home Price - $157K Tulsa vs. $394K DC
Median Home Price - $157K Tulsa vs. $484K Seattle
Median Home Price - $157K Tulsa vs. $443K Boston
Median Home Price - $157K Tulsa vs. $442K Denver
Median Home Price - $157K Tulsa vs. $385K Portland
Median Home Price - $157K Tulsa vs. $610K San Diego
Median Home Price - $157K Tulsa vs. $242K Chicago
Median Home Price - $157K Tulsa vs. $296K Austin
The Welcoming
Come see for yourself.
Exceptionally Low
Cost of Living

The median home price in Tulsa is $157,200—43% below the national average!

Massive Investments to Urban Green Space

Space to run, play, climb and slide. Tulsa has seen unparalleled investments to public space for a city of its size.

What Commute?

Far less congestion than cities like Austin, Atlanta and Dallas. Parking is plentiful (and widely free!)

Stable Job Market

Looking for a job? Browse curated job listings at Tulsa based companies.

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Tulsa Remote has welcomed over 2,500 Members to Tulsa. Apply now and join this growing community!